• Let’s Get This Party Started

    By Laura Donnelly

    Puzzled by what to drink this holiday with your Sagaponack potato latkes or your Shinnecock oysters on the half shell? Look no further: An all-star cast assembled by our food columnist, Laura Donnelly, chose the very best of the East End’s wines in a blind taste test.

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  • Modern Love

    By Biddle Duke

    Bates Masi designs houses — modern, ethereal, fun, surprising, and comfortable, but never Grand with a capital G — that stand in singular contrast to the ubiquitous shingle style mansions of Hamptons cliché.

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  • Waking Up at Lazy Point

    By Carl Safina

    This daily morning walk is how I take the pulse of the place, and my own. The daily miraculous seldom gets attention. We are too busy, insecure, and - mainly - blind to the exquisite.

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  • A Fish Tale

    By Carissa Katz

    The Dock to Dish mission, at its most basic level, was to connect consumers more directly with small-scale commercial fishermen who practice sustainable catch methods.

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  • 400 Acres

    By Carissa Katz

    Looking north at a certain angle from the cluster of barns at the corner of Cooks Lane and Scuttlehole Road, the stretch of cultivated fields offers a glimpse into another era, when eastern Long Island was a promising new frontier for farmers squeezed off their acreage farther west on the Island by the forward march of development.

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  • Mr. Cool

    By Colleen DeBaise

    Thirty-five years in the restaurant business have honed David Loewenberg’s instincts. But he’s also got a preternatural calm that stands out in a high-intensity industry known for its nerve-fraying chaos and amped-up kitchen staff.

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  • by Bess Rattray · Nov. 11, 2016

    East Hampton’s memory-invoking sweet is a big, soft, ginger-spiked, sugar-dusted cookie made with dark molasses.

  • by Kassandra Thatcher · Nov. 11, 2016

    With darkness descending by 4 p.m., it’s time to hole up to write the Great American Novel, knit the Great American Sweater, or, um, secretly watch a ton of TV and movies with a “Hamptons” theme. Here are our picks that are either timeless, essential watching, or just so hysterically, obnoxious that we can’t look away.

  • by Biddle Duke · Nov. 11, 2016

    Not only — as the wonderful Vermont poet David Budbill wrote in “Winter: Tonight: Sunset” — “for being here, today, now, alive in this life, in this evening, under this sky.” Yes, partly that, but

  • by Jack Graves · Nov. 11, 2016

    Bridgehampton is home to a sports team whose feel-good winning streaks are unrivaled anywhere outside the realm of Hollywood fiction — and now, with a documentary movie in the works, the world is about to hear the buzz.

  • by Biddle Duke · Nov. 11, 2016


  • by Biddle Duke · Nov. 11, 2016

    Evelyn O’Doherty is that lonely figure you pass on your way to work: She’s going the other way with boards piled on her roof, and you wonder, “What could she possibly be up to?”

  • by Laura Donnelly · Nov. 11, 2016

    Bluefish: one of the most delicious, underrated, and overlooked fish in our waters. You will not find them featured on any local restaurant’s menu, no matter how local or “dock to dish” they claim to be.

  • by Levi Shaw-Faber · Nov. 11, 2016

    Tiina the store in Amagansett is so cool that you might think you're in one of those pop-ups that arrive in late spring and are empty before the leaves start changing - but you only feel that way until you meet Tiina Laakkonen herself.

  • by Laura Donnelly · Oct. 10, 2016

    The holidays are bubbly season, and Long Island winemakers give us every reason to drink their sparkling wines. They really are delicious and reasonably priced. Look for some of these North and South Fork sparklers.

  • by Patricia Marx · Oct. 10, 2016

    Congratulate me. I did it! I broke up with Jimmy. . . . Last night after the Bartoshucks’ dinner party. . . . They served risotto.